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Hose cock
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First, use:

  Plug is manually open and close the string loop system control valve, normally used for workover operations to prevent blowouts, can quickly turn off the flow of liquid within the column, play safe production purposes.

Second, the structure:

  Plug from the upper and lower joint body, upper and lower seat, ball, and rotary switches, seals, springs and pressing caps and other components.

By rotating the outer surface of the hexagonal corresponding identification on and off and play on and off.

Three characteristics:

  Suitable for frequent operations, open and close rapidly, lightweight, fluid resistance,

  Simple structure, good sealing performance, small rotational torque, high pressure, small size, light weight, easy maintenance.

Fourth, note:

  To leave the rotary switch position, the throttle can not be used when using the external thread end must face down.

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