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Model Rated pressure at both ends of the connection mode Path
SF42-1 "× 2" 42MPa 1 "2" LP external thread
SF70-1 "× 2" 70MPa 1 "2" LP external thread
SF105-1 "× 2" 105MPa 1 "2" union head
SF105A-1 "× 2" 105MPa 1 "2" LP external thread
SF42-2 "× 2" 42MPa 2 "2" LP external thread
SF70-2 "× 2" 70MPa 2 "2" LP external thread
SF105-2 "× 2" 105MPa 2 "2" union head
SF70-3 "× 3" 70MPa 3 "3" union head
SF105-3 "× 3" 105MPa 3 "3" union head
  3 "plug with a worm pay handwheel opening device, whether in use at room temperature or low temperature environment, open freely, flexible operation;
  Arc pressure seal between the plate and the body is sealed by a square ring to achieve;
  Body sealing maintenance and repair without removing from the pipeline, no special tools when removing. Just replace the square ring when servicing or repairing the sealing plug can arc sheet;
  After cock precision machining, after coating with excellent corrosion resistance. Seal arc piece in working condition, there is elastic deformation, to ensure a reliable seal between the flow and cocks;
  Arc sheet metal seal and cocks on the contact surface of the metal by high-precision machining, the sealing performance of the sealing arc sheet and excellent cock between:
  Visual valve position: cock cover visualization rotary valve stopper clearly shows is fully opened or closed. Spring brake valve limits in the desired position;

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