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High Pressure Swivel Joint
High Pressure Swivel Joint
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High pressure oilfield workover activity elbow pipe coupling, red sand commonly used tool, it has to adjust the orientation is changeable, connection speed, reasonable structure, small size, light weight, good sealing performance, secure, reliable, easy to operate features.

Type\CharacteristicsNominalMpaPathmmConnection typeOuter sealform
Inner joinOuter join
WT2×30304823/8TBGTr100×12Steel-steel spherical
WT2×40-1404823/8TBGTr100×12Steel-steel spherical
WT2×40-2404823/8TBGTr100×12Steel-steel spherical, U-shapedapron
WT2×40-3404823/8TBGTr99×12.7Steel-steel spherical
WT2"×40-4404823/8TBGTr99×12.7Steel-steel spherical, U-shapedapron
WT2×50504223/8TBGTr100×12Steel-steel spherical, U-shapedapron
WT2×70-1704223/8TBGTr100×12U-shapedapron,face seallevel
WT2×70-2704523/8TBGTr99×12.7Steel-steel spherical, U-shapedapron
WT2×70-3704523/8TBGTr100×12Steel-steel spherical, U-shapedapron
WT2×1051054223/8TBGTr41/8×3Buckle /inchSteel-steel spherical, U-shapedapron
WT2½×30304827/8TBGTr120×12Steel-steel spherical
WT2½×70704827/8TBGTr120×12.7U-shapedapron,face seal
WT3×303070滚珠Tr130×12Steel-steel spherical, U-shapedapron
WT3×10510570滚珠Tr53/8×31/2Buckle /inchSteel-steel spherical, U-shapedapron

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